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Improve Driver Safety


Road safety is paramount to TrackSmart Telematics. Research has shown that 80-95% of all vehicle crashes are related to human factors. That is why TrackSmart Telematics strives to provide our customers with the best personal and driver safety solutions on the market. Our mission is to ensure the wellbeing and safety of your drivers and passengers in the hopes that our services can help reduce fatalities and injuries, thus improving road safety and helping you reach your own company goals.

Key Features

Improved driver behaviour

Bad driving habits are unsafe, unnecessary and can cause loss of life.  Poor driving ultimately also costs your organisation money. TrackSmart Telematics can provide your company with live information pertaining to the operation of your vehicles. The data instantly gets transmitted from your vehicle directly to one of our secure data centers so that management reports contain objective information.

User-defined events

With this feature along with the standard events offered by our systems, you will be able to monitor, record, and highlight any driving errors made by those operating your vehicles in order to prompt any remedial action if necessary.


Protecting the safety of your employees is of paramount importance to all organizations around the world. Global companies like Schlumberger in the Oil & Gas industry have proven that the introduction of training, technology and systems to help enforce their safety policies result in dramatic benefits to employees and the community.

Benefits include:

  • Reduction in incidents
  • Improved driver safety and well being
  • Improved passenger safety and well being
  • Improved community awareness and social responsibilty
  • Reduction in fatalities
  • Reduction in accident related costs